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Web Design and SEO

Website design

Hypersonic can design an individual Web Site for you business or organization with a minimal input from yourselves. It can be implemented from scratch or we can use your existing logos, brochures and advertising material.As your site is designed and put together it will be put on a private server for you to view on line. This will enable us to interact and make any relevant changes and amendments and bring your Web Site to fruition before we load it onto one of our servers for public access.

Domain names

In order to promote your Site, look professional and make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to get to your Web Page you will need a Domain Name, for example ‘leisuremarine.co.uk’ or ‘leisure-marine.co.uk’. There is also an option to use ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ etc. You can choose your name, we will then search the net to ensure that it is available and then register it solely to you. Any Domain Name that we register for you will be yours, this is normally for a period of 2 years. The cost is from £20.00 per year including any email admin for the time of registration with us. All are commercial domains, this means that there are no strings attatched and no unwanted banners or advertising on your pages.

Website hosting

Hypersonic can host your Web Site on our own commercial server at very competitive rates or we can arrange to have it hosted on your own freespace. We are happy to discuss all pros and cons to ensure that the choice of service provider is the right one for you. Free service providers can have their disadvantages and are not always the preferred route. We would be pleased advise you on you most efficient and cost effective options for your particular Web Site and what you expect from it. Other web servicesWe can help you keep your website in tip top condition with these other services.


Custom designed Flash Animations to enhance your site or presentation.


Specialists in graphics, photograpic/digital imaging and special effects.


Designed or re-worked from an existing logo.


We can maintain and update your web site on a weekly or monthly basis or as required.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ever wondered how to get your website onto the first couple of pages on the most popular search engines?
Download our PDF to find out how this could be done.

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Web Seo