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Computer Know How!

Netbook is the name given to a sub-category of laptops that aims to be small and cheap. Their target market is people who are light computer users and primarily use it for internet based tasks.

A Netbook is typically equipped with

– a processor that enables extended battery life, but is lower in processing power,
– a minimum amount of memory,
– a small storage system – as low as 32GB

Here at Hypersonic, we have recently had more than one call from owners of this sort of entry level computer reporting that Windows Update was failing.

This is because the latest release of Windows 10 needs a minimum of 32GB of storage for itself to update – meaning that it will fail if you have installed anything else!

Now, if you really do mostly want to browse the web, and you don’t want to install any software, or store anything permanently, then a 32GB entry level netbook may be a good solution for you, but we would typically recommend a minimum of 128GB, else you may find yourself needing to buy a replacement sooner than you think.

For those that already have one of these entry-level specification netbooks, the only other option is to stay at the older version of Windows 10, which means no support from May 2020

If you are considering a new computer, then Hypersonic are happy to help find out what your needs are and suggest something suitable. We can even arrange to have it fully prepared for you, ready for immediate use.

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