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Microsoft Office Alternatives…

When you think of office software, Microsoft Office is probably the first one that springs into mind. This is hardly surprising, as so many computers come with a copy of it pre-installed. Unfortunately, in many cases it is just a trial version, after which you will need to set up either a subscription for Office 365, or fork out for an Office 2016 licence which is costly.

Word processing, spreadsheets and presentations have become daily tasks for many people now, from school work all the way through to typing letters out to the family, there are few people that can actually get by without the use of these programs. But what if you don’t fancy the idea of paying out for your office software?

Thankfully, there is quite a selection of free office software available, and in this edition of PC Know How, we will be going over the newly updated LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite, with a clean interface and feature rich tools, and as you would expect from un upgrade, runs faster and smoother than its predecessor.

LibreOffice includes several applications that are compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. LibreOffice also works with the newer DOCX and XLSX type files commonly used in the newer versions of Microsoft Office.

Some new features also include support for signing PDFs and embedding them into documents, templates for presentations in Impress (the LibreOffice equivalent to PowerPoint) and they also show the keyboard shortcuts in the right-click menu.


The applications included with LibreOffice are:

LibreOffice Application

Microsoft Office Equivalent

Writer Word
Calc Excel
Impress Powerpoint
Base Access


 Libre Office Writer

 Libre Office Calc











To download visit – https://www.libreoffice.org.