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There are a couple of things that you can do to turbo-boost your PC that will cost you a lot less than buying a new one.


Whilst it is technically possible to run Windows 10 with only 1GB or 2GB RAM, even basic tasks are going to be painful.  The recommendation is to have a minimum of 4GB for casual use (For Example: web browsing, email, word processing) and 8GB if you add more heavy duty use (For Example: gaming, image editing, full Office suite).  16GB+ becomes useful and starts paying for itself when you’re running several resource-heavy applications simultaneously — especially image or video processing, CAD, or 3D modelling.

How much RAM your system supports, along with the type and speed, will depend on your motherboard.


If you already have at least 4GB of RAM then then the next best upgrade you can do is swap out your hard drive (HDD) for an SSD.


A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a mechanical device. A motor spins a disk, which is a stack of platters, each containing multiple tracks, with each track divided into sectors. An arm holding a read/write head moves to the track where the data should be and then waits for the sector to pass below it. HDD technology has been around for many years and it is cheaper than SSD and offers a higher capacity.


A Solid State Drive is electronic storage, with no moving parts. Access to each memory location is immediate, with no delay waiting for a disk to spin. As a result, SSD performance is significantly faster than HDD. However, the drawbacks are lower capacity and higher costs.

Moving from a hard drive to an SSD will see performance gains.

The best solution may be a combination, where the solid-state drive (SSD) boots Windows and your most used applications, and the hard disk drive (HDD) is used primarily for mass storage. This retains your original investment whilst taking advantage of the improved performance provided by the SSD.

In Summary

For most users, we would recommend 8GB RAM (4GB minimum), a 64-bit Operating System  and an SSD Drive.

If you are considering an upgrade, then Hypersonic are happy to help find out what RAM is compatible with your system, and then to install it for you, and/or to help select and install a suitable SSD and migrate all your data from the old disk for you.  We can even arrange to have any old unwanted disk securely destroyed.

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